How to repair and maintain your car cheaply?

The engine no longer hums, the battery drained of any energy or brakes more resistant enough. In this period of departure on vacation, nothing is worse than a car down. Who says breakdown says repair and who says repair says heavy expenses even very heavy. Rather than going to the garages where prices often plummet household budgets, the French plebiscite repair at home . Of course, there is no question of entrusting heavy and dangerous work to “Sunday mechanics”. But automotive enthusiasts know the necessary maintenance procedures so that your car will not let you go at the wrong time. On the online platform, Allusions some of them n ‘to people who live close to home.

If you learn these operations in the driving schools at the time of passing his driving license, all that may seem a little far for those who have never reopened the hood of their car since. This is why, many French incompetent in the matter, are moving  towards home repair for the realization of a drain for example . The latter is fundamental to ensure longevity to the engine and not degrade the performance of the vehicle. The objective of the operation, to repeat every 10,000 or even 15,000 kilometers, is to replace the used oil with new oil. Specialists also take the opportunity to change the filters (air, diesel, oil) so as not to clog the parts under the hood. Those who do not want to dirty their hands abstain …


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Who has never found his battered or scratched car after a visit to the supermarket or parked in the city center? There too, when they are not too consistent, body repairs are within the reach of some enthusiasts of cars and mechanics. In concrete terms, the demand is there. On the online platform AlloVoisins some ask how to paint the bumper of their vehicle, change the dampers or a wheel, put candles or replace headlights. Others also ask to wash the body of their car, simply.


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